Just saying.

Theres not much to say yet I want to speak. I want to write so here I am speaking. This place we exist there isn’t much you can truly know yet everyone believes so strongly they know it all. Maybe it’s not even that, but that they act as if they know. They want to seem as if they know. I want to know yet I accept I do not know… What is it that I want to know?

I want to know the meaning of this place, but there is no one answer. Everyone has their own answer.

My answer is still not clear to me. This answer changes as the months go by and never has it been clear… others they parade their path so proudly but I wonder do they even know? Is there a point even in knowing? Is it really a knowing or is it just a being? There’s this lady that emits an aura, It  has shown me what I long forgot. This drive inside that shows me a path long forgotten and thought to had been left behind never to be found again.

It is not about the person its about the space. The space that encompasses this time, that leads us to one another. Lets be calm and collected and speak a riddle to throw one another off. See if you can make sense of my speech that rolls off my tongue. I want to see you, see you in your bareness and your vulnerability.

Theres a beauty surrounding the vulnerability in people. It gives me satisfaction to see that within you as I have seen it in myself.

Really theres no point in making sense anymore, and maybe just maybe someone will get it if I stop trying to make it clear. Because it’s not about the words… It’s about the feeling.



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