Mental hospitals

I really don’t like mental hospitals. Today I went to a clinical at a mental hospital and the patients all look so sedated, miserable, and bored. The staff hardly interacted with them and they are unstimulated. The patient I was assigned too said he either sleeps, or watches tv, which seems to be set to the news all the time! Like how boring! 

Like ok these people are here because they have a mental illness and they made a mistake, did something stupid, yet they really just get shoved away for years and years and sometimes the rest of their lives. 

Some of these people make one mistake, which they can’t even comprehend as a mistake, and they aren’t being properly stimulated and taught how to function normally! Like give them jobs or something at least. They need a chance, a real chance on how to cope with their illness and function in society. 

That’s another problem that I have, that society has to set all these damn rules and make all these institutions that treat people like animals. It shouldn’t be so fucking hard to just live your damn life. Like who are we to decide the way life should even be for anyone but ourselves?? It fucks up the natural order. We humans just like to play god and try to control everything, but nature is chaos and it functions just fine without humans coming in and trying to control it. 


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